Solo Show:

Happy to announce I have a solo painting show, "5 and 10",  in Akita this October.  It's still a long way off, but it's exciting to know all the paintings I've been working on will be going to a gallery.

I'll be at Cocolaboratoy in Kawabata from Wednesday the 21st-Sunday the 25th.  New works and old loves displayed for all who come.  

Fun-time with illustration

I pulled out my postcard sketchbook yesterday and played with lace printing and acrylics.  I have also been obsessively cutting out paper stars and I pasted one of those up top for good measure.   

The Trees of our Lives

So many trees growing from my paper these days, and more trees to come in the next week. 

Eyes and how to use them

The best drawing teacher I had in college taught us very a little about drawing and everything about seeing.  Seeing is the key to drawing well.  Once you know how to see moving the pencil is just basic mechanics.  Anyone can move a pencil.  Since my focus has switched from learning how to do art to making my own art I've gotten slack on seeing.  I can see how I want things on my page, but I don't always see how things are when I look at them.  Today I took some time to look, draw, and look again and erase and draw again in the hopes to get on a training kick.  I firmly believe in the necessity of classical training for artists, and a solid grasp of technical skills prior to venturing out into the wilds of creating professionally.  It's a controversial view in some circles, but if you can't see you're blind. 

Distracted drawing

A sketch I started yesterday on the train.  I love drawing during my commute, it makes the time go and allows me to relax with my art instead of worrying if something looks right, or conveys the concept effectively.  I've also perfected my ability to carry an entire mini art studio with me in one bag so I can properly take advantage of the time.  

Take me Out

I had a night out with some fellow Akita artists and we took turns drawing people at the table.   Thank you Mr.Sudo for drawing me!